Saturday January 18

Registration opens: 0800

Session A Theme: WWII Western Front

0900-0950: Joe Youst seminar on D-Day and Beyond

1000 – 1700: Session A games and events
Joe Youst, Cobra: Normandy fighting (Deluxe version), Decision Games
Darin Leviloff, Tank Duel, GMT
David Reed, Heroes of Normandy, “What a Tanker” System
William Butler, Tourists in France:France 1944, Lightning War-Red Storm System
Grace Keller & Roger Mark, Battle of the Bulge, Memoir ’44 Deluxe
1700-17:50 Dinner Break

Session B Theme: American Revolution

1800 – 1850: Roger Miller seminar on Washington’s Crossing

1900 – 2400: Session B games and events
Alex Fabros & Mike O’Brien, Freeman’s Farm, Rank and File System
Roger Miller, Washington’s Crossing, Revolution Games
Darin Leviloff, Washington’s War, GMT

Sunday January 19

Registration opens: 0900

Session C Theme: Eastern Front American Civil War
1000 – 1050: Dana Lombardy seminar: “Secret Turning Points of the Civil War”

1100 – 1800: Session C games and events

Rob Schroeder, Great Battles of the American Civil War, Death Valley –  The Battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic from the 1862 Valley Campaign, GMT
Stewart Blain, A Clearing in the Wilderness, Regimental Fire and Fury System
Darin Leviloff, Great Campaigns of the American Civil War, All Green Alike: Battle of Bull Run, MMP
Richard Handewith and Roger Miller, Blind Swords System
*Kevin Melahn, Last Chance for Victory, Line of Battle (MMP)*
Non-Thematic Gaming
Sessions A-C, Tinian with Mark Ruggiero, Compass Games
Session C, October War with Joe Youst (Modern War Magazine, Decision Games)
Session C, De Bellis Antiquititas tournament,  Ancient miniature warfare
Session C, Battle of Tierras Atlas Del Norte, Lightning War-Red Storm with William Butler.
*Note – Kevin Melahn’s ‘Last Chance for Victory’ will run through all three sessions.