Main News – SEPT 2, 2020


Pacificon Game Expo 42 postponed

Please see details in sidebar or below.

In the meantime…

Pandemic Pacificon 2020 – Sept 4-7, 2020
(an online gaming experience)

That’s right. Over Labor Day weekend (September 4-7, 2020) we will be hosting our first ever online gaming event! The gang at ConQuest ran a test con in July, and taking the oodles we have learned from that, are ready to bring you an opportunity to play in a safe manner…. online. 
So far, we are looking forward to some Organized Play role playing, open role playing, some board games, and Karl and Tim from War Game Boot Camp! 
Registration opens in a couple days. We will splash that announcement in a followup email later this week. We are hoping to pay some of our monthly bills with a Pay What You Can model that allows people to pay either $10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 dollars for the weekend. We even will have sponsorship passes with exclusive Pandemic Pacificon pins, t-shirts, and dice towers.
Thanks to our Show Sponsors:
Dragon: Roy Zemlicka, Earl Bingham, Scott Sanders, Kristoffer Belau, Josh Miller, Glenn Gabrielson
Mithril: Guy Purcell
Gold: Nicolas Nelson, Eric Lindberg, Al Adams, Steve Ebersole, Naveed Ihsanullah, Harry Yocum
So stay tuned, True Believers! We will have some fun this Labor Day weekend until…

Back to the Dunfey! 

Come Labor Day Weekend, Sept 3-6, 2021…
 “Pacificon Game Expo 42 – Life, the Universe, and Gaming”,
…will be moving to it’s place of origin, The San Mateo Marriott, formally The Dunfey
We were waiting to make this Big Announcement at this year’s Pacificon, but, well, we might as well work in some good news where we can! 
Many of the oldtimers in our community consider this to be one of the most hallowed grounds of gaming in the Bay Area. We are excited to be going Back to the Dunfey for next year’s show! And they are rolling out the Red Carpet for us and happy to have us back after a long time away.  
More details in the weeks ahead! 
Now… who wants to play a game in the old Tower Room!!
Outdoor Flea Market anyone?

Pacificon Game Expo 42
September 3-6, 2021
San Mateo Marriott Hotel
(formally The Dunfey – Birthplace of Pacificon!)

Hello! We are excited to be bringing you a fun-filled weekend of tabletop gaming at the Pacificon Game Expo. Here you will find some quick links to get you registered for the convention, or to submit games to run, or book a room at the hotel.

(we will activate the links below once we get past Labor Day this year.)

Pacificon Game Expo Convention Registration

Submit a game (Eight hours and get a free weekend pass!)

Book a room at the San Mateo Marriott Hotel

Pacificon Game Expo Community Behavior Policy


Historical Miniatures
Wargames – Monster Games
War Game Boot Camp
D&D Adventurer’s League
Pathfinder Society
Starfinder Society
Pacificon Protospiel
Euro/Board/Card Games
Roleplaying Games
Live Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs)
West Coast Boardgame Championships
Friday Late Night Flea Market
Vendor Hall
Game Library
Family Game Tables

And so much more!!

Pacificon People of Interest!

Rachel Wood – Contributing Artist
Darin Leviloff – Game Designer
Jodi Soares – Contributing Artist/Game Designer
Martin Anderson – Game Designer
Joe Youst – Game Designer
Sarah Grayhill – Game Designer
John Shulters – Game Designer
Karl Kreder – War Game Boot Camp
Tim Porter – War Game Boot Camp
Luke Laurie – Pacificon Protospiel
Jennifer Young – Contributing Artist

Other Gaming Conventions We Run:

ConQuest Cons Live Long and Prosper hand propping a TARDIS between index finder and thumb, and holding a dodecahedron between middle and ring fingers
Young green dragon holding a blue egg in a nest atop the Dunfey hotel.

An Online Adventure!