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Pacificon Game Expo 42, Life, the Universe, and Gaming

Yes people, the weekend of September 3-6 will hail the return of one of the SF Bay Area’s premiere regional gaming events from the pandemic fog of war. 
Our venue for this year is the San Mateo Marriott Hotel. 

See you here as we roll out information to purchase your tickets for live face to face gaming, vendors, artist tables, the best in wargaming, role playing, artists, larps, and more gaming shenanigans! 

PacCon 2021 Updates:

The event will be 100% masked and vaccinated. Not to be harsh, but there will be no exceptions to this, in the interest of public health and safety. We understand their may be various legitimate reasons, or personal choices, for not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask. We respect your right to make that choice for yourself. But considering the group as a whole, we are going to strive to make the event as safe as we possibly can this year. So, for this year’s show, it will be required for folks to agree to be masked during the event, and to be two weeks out from your completed vaccination series.

Covid Preparations:
If you have a fever or present other symptoms of covid, we ask that you not attend the event.
The convention will take place primarily in the meeting spaces on the Mezzanine level, and in the 4K sq ft outdoor courtyard. <As of this writing masks will be required outdoors as well.>
We are working with the hotel to do regular table cleaning and such, per CDC/County recommendations. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be made available.
No eating will be allowed at the indoor gaming tables or convention areas to facilitate the mask requirement. Straws will be provided for sipping beverages. Tables will be provided out doors for eating. <Note that only food purchased from the hotel can be eaten in the courtyard area. Your own food from the outside or home can be eaten in your sleeping room or your car in the parking lot.>
Social distance requirements will follow the CDC/County recommendations, at the time, for a fully vaccinated and masked group.

We are making a limited amount of tickets available for sale based on the attendance cap currently in place for our convention. We will increase the amount of tickets available for sale as the cap is raised and/or lifted.
We also have some vendor tables <indoors for four days>, Artist Alley tables <outdoors in five hour blocks each day>, and Flea Market tables <outdoors for a two hour block>
Because we only have a limited amount of tickets available, we are only offering weekend passes to start. If we don’t sell out closer to the event weekend, and depending on the limits in place by the CDC/County, we might offer Day passes this year.

Weekend Pass: $70
To buy a pass for the convention fill out this google form, agree to our mask/vax policy, and then purchase!
Flea Market Table: Sat or Sun $20
Artist Alley Table: Sat or Sun (5 hours) $30

Hotel Reservations:
Venue – San Mateo Marriott Hotel
Guest Room 1 King – $144/night
Bedroom Suite, 1 King, Sofa bed – $154/night
Guest Room, 2 Queen – $154/night
Rooms and Rates available through Thursday August 19, 2021
Hotel guests get complimentary parking <in/out privs> and comp internet access.
Hotel Link:

Event Submissions:
In light of the capacity cap that is in place for the show, we have had to limit the number of GM complimentary passes being awarded this year.

To that effect, we are going to keep the eight hour minimum requirement to be considered for a complimentary pass, except in the areas of Euro/Family Board Games, and War Games, which will increase to 12 hours. Organized play games have always been a 12 hour commitment. This decision was based on the extra effort required to create and host miniature games, one-off role playing games, and LARPs.

Here is the link to submit games for the show this year.

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