Event Submission is OPEN!

The vast majority of our events at Pacificon Game Expo are run by volunteers who put together some snazzy stuff to share with the community each year! For those who send us their games by the submission deadline and have their games approved, we offer a free admission to the convention. Only eight hours are required to be awarded a free admission, twelve hours for organized play.

Before submitting an event, be sure you have read over the GM and Volunteer requirements listed on this other page.

button (13)With the exception of Role Playing Games, all other game areas can submit their games to begin and end at any time of the convention day.

If you have any questions regarding the Time Block system, please send an email to the Program Manager at:

To submit your event, please follow the link below, create a GM account, and be sure to include a valid email address so we can contact you. We cannot accept events without a valid email address at this time, and, besides, it makes it really hard to communicate.

Once your event has been submitted two things happen. The area coordinator will decide whether or not to approve your game, and if so, then work with you on scheduling the event. Our program manager will make sure you qualify for your free pass to the show, and make sure you understand the rules and requirements for running a game at Pacificon Game Expo. Once they have both approved you, you will be issued your GM weekend pass for Pacificon, and be all set to run your game at the show and have a lot of fun!

Thanks so very much for being part of this long standing Bay Area Labor Day gaming tradition!

To submit a game for consideration, please use this link!

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