For years and years, from its earliest days at the old Dunfey Hotel, Pacificon has had a grand tradition of spotlighting special guests in the game industry and presenting the attendees with opportunities to engage in playing new products before they came to market. This year we decided to focus on this tradition and give it the spotlight it deserves.

The Pacificon Game Design Lab is a protospiel event being held as part of the Pacificon Game Expo held at the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel in California over Labor Day Weekend, which this years falls on the weekend of September 4-7, 2015 (Since 1978!!)

We feature a splendid array of designers and industry folk (28 at current count and climbing!) and look forward to testing dozens of games with hundreds of hours of playtests over the four day weekend! We are on track to host the largest protospiel type event ever in Northern California!

Can you imagine!?  Four days of playtesting, design, and opportunities to network and socialize. You may attend all of the days, or for any days that fit your schedule. In addition, you can spend part of your time playtesting, and part of your time just playing and having a good time.

The Pacificon Game Design Lab is FREE to industry folk! (Please contact us at and we will get you all set up with a complimentary badge!) Any badged attendee of the Pacificon Game Expo is welcome to participate in the dozens of games to play over the FOUR DAY WEEKEND! 

 We will be building a list in advance of games and attendees to facilitate matching of interests and preferences. Pacificon Game Expo and its sponsors will be providing prizes and other goodies.
We have a designated plenty of space for playtesting that’s quiet and not in an exhibit hall, plus access to open gaming space in the convention. We’ll have many designers and publishers to playtest, but also other convention attendees will be able to try your games and give feedback. Participants can also submit their games to run as scheduled events at the con. This is a great chance for you to really get some solid work done on your games in a collaborative, supportive environment, with other skilled and experienced gamemakers.

Excited!? We sure are! Here’s what to do about it!:

1) Register for the Pacificon Game Expo and consider lodging at the host hotel if necessary:
Register for the Pacificon Game Expo
Register for the Santa Clara Marriott Hotel

2) Join the Pacificon Game Design Lab Facebook Group if you use Facebook, where you can discuss your design work and get updates about the event. Consider using the hashtag #PACCONGDL
Pacificon Game Design FB Group

3) Consider submitting events to run at the Pacificon Game Expo, and submit them into the database. Submit them as a Special Event, please.
Submit a game/event to the Pacificon Game Expo!

4) Email Gabriel to RSVP that yes, you’ll be attending The Pacificon Game Design Lab event.

5) Let your friends know about Pacificon and The Pacificon Game Design Lab!

Around July, we’ll start building a list of  the games that will be presented and available. At that time, you’ll be asked for more information.

Thank you so very much for working to bring the community back together and for your years of support to the convention! And welcome aboard if this is your first time! You are going to have a great celebration of gaming! 

Life, the Universe, and Gaming!