One of the cool things about a game convention is the number of guests you can meet after a panel or seminar, and sometimes even join in a game with them! Here are some of our friends who are visiting us this year!

James Ernest – James Ernest is an industry giant whose greatest works include getting out of bed in the morning and answering rules questions via Messenger. He is the founder of Cheapass Games, and these days he posts games, articles, and short works of fiction at his design studio Crab Fragment Labs.

Sarah Moore – From “Sarah’s Table” on GenCon TV.

Alphinius Goo – Alphinius Goo is a wizard who resides in the Gloomport beneath the city of Darkenhaven in the Republic of Zyranthea. He is the creator of the World of Zyathé and one of the founders of Gooey Cube Games. Beyond this, Alphinius is also the creator of a number of unorthodox spells involving his area of specialty which is Gooey Cubes. These incantations include: Summon Goo, Rain of Goo, Floor of Goo, Wall of Goo, Spray of Goo, Gooey Shield, Gooey Servant, and, much to his embarrassment, Alphinius’ Gooey Finger. In real life, his name is Kim and he is a creator, writer, and author who loves gaming. He has been a Game Master for nearly 40 years and has a basement full of published works, dice, old maps, and miniatures. And no… Ms. Goo does not approve of said collection. 😊