Tix 2 Win!

In the Pacificon Game Expo Vendor Hall, we are hosting progressive drawings for prizes! (No purchase is necessary for Con Attendees!) – California Ballroom Salon 6. Here’s how it works! (The Vendor Hall will be in California Ballroom Salon 6)

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the convention, any badge holder* is welcome to come down to the Vendor Hall before Drawing Time** and visit at least three vendors. Each vendor will give you the ticket of the day.
Once you have accumulated three tickets, you will proceed to Registration (where you picked up your badge) or the Game Library (California Ballroom Salon 3) and turn in your tickets to enter the drawing for the day.
Fill out the one side, and they will place it into the Prize Drum! (They will also punch your badge, as you are limited to one ticket per day.) You cannot collect tickets for other people, or turn them in for other people. (No, not even your Aunt May!)
At the appointed time** each day, there will be a drawing for the prizes available to win that day.
As names are called, the winner may choose the prize of their desire.
Very important. Winner needs to be present in the Vendor Hall to win.***

The next day you can visit three vendors again and enter the drawing a second time. And then we do the prize thing again at the appointed time**.

Then one more time on Sunday. Three Vendor Visits, Register for the drawing. Show up to see if you win prizes!

Each day you play, the prizes get better each day!

*- All badges are eligible except Staff, Vendor, and Klingons. (Oh, allright, Klingons can play!)
**- Prize Drawing times are Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 4pm, Sunday at 4pm.
***- Winner needs to be present in the vendor hall to win. No exceptions. You cannot hold other people’s tickets, or bring their badge, or any other attempt to circumvent this requirement unless unicorns are involved.

Various vendors will be donating prizes to these special drawings!
Pacificon Game Expo is donating:
Friday: 2 separate one day passes to next year’s show. Saturday: A single Weekend Pass to next year’s show. Sunday: A Pacificon Forever Marshalling Pass (lifetime free entry if you stay three nights at the hotel.)

Any Questions? Ask Jeff “The Romulan”, our Vendor Hall Director, likely in the Vendor Hall.

Vendor Hall Hours:
Friday: 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 9am-6pm, Mon 9am-1pm