Ultimate Werewolf “Extreme”

Location: Sierra Room
Senior GM: Aaron Newman

  • Fri 6pm-12am
  • Sat 3pm-12am
  • Sun 3pm-12am
Each game lasts 45-90 minutes. Drop-in anytime to join next game and stay as long as you like.
Your village, somewhere amid the forests of medieval Europe, is gripped with terror!  With people disappearing at night and reports of distant howling under the full moon, the village is beset with rumors of werewolves living amongst you.  You have formed a mob to find and eradicate them.  But how do you find them?  It could be anyone.  And everyone else is thinking it could be you…
An evolution of the classic “social deduction” game Ultimate Werewolf, redesigned for a new experience with equal parts psychology, strategy, and logic.  8 to 19 players gather in a circle and each is randomly assigned a secret role card to learn their team and unique powers.   Most players will be on the Villager team, but a few will be on the Werewolf team and hiding in plain sight.  Over a series of rounds, players discuss and vote to eliminate players until only one team remains.

Aug 30 – Sept 2, 2019 – Labor Day Weekend